24 July 2006

43 Things

43 Things What's on the top of your want-to-do list? I would have to say that the first thing on my want-to-do list should be to sit down and prioritize my want-to-do list! How sad is that?

22 July 2006

Picture Play

Post? Who has time for that?

I've read a lot about successful blogs and the consensus seems to advise toward blogs having a theme, so-to-speak. I will warn everyone right now, this blog will be as labeled... Random!

Admittedly though, I created a blog for two reasons, maybe more. The first and foremost is to use it as a journal. With three children the humorous, and not so humorous moments are constant. I know I will never remember all the crazy things they do and say. Therefore I need to document it. Further than that, being a single mom leaves me with no one to share the funny stuff with. Maybe no one will ever read or appreciate the things they do but by putting here I can pretend that everyone finds my girls as endearing and as hysterical as I do!

My other point for blogging I will shamelessly admit is to eventually use the blog as a plug for my hand crafted jewelry. I hope to eventually get around to that.

Yes, this post is coming to the point of the title. Ok, so my point is... I have spent so much time figuring out all the ins and outs of blogging, getting the blog set up, etc... I've barely had time to post.

Yep, that was it. Can you say random?

21 July 2006


Why must the cats decide that every night at midnight is the perfect time to play tag? Further more, why must their little paws touch every square inch of the house in order for it to be a legitimate game?

"O Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet."
St. Augustine

I'm Reading

I'm Reading
The Night Villa
by Carol Goodman