04 January 2007

Happy New Year! Want a puppy?

Yikes! I remember the puppy days, I really, really do. I guess I was just enjoying the "old dog who lays around and does nothing" days too much.

Despite spending the past couple of years preparing myself for the possibility I would have to someday put my aging black lab, Hoss, down it was still one of the most agonizing moments of my life. I missed him terrible, ok I still do. The stupidity on my part came when I missed him so much I decided 6-8 weeks later that a new puppy would make it all better! HA! I remember thinking something similar after my husband died too, I'm glad there's not a shelter for surrendered husbands.

So as the story goes, there's a new puppy in the house. She's been here a couple months now and she is slowly eating away at every bit of sanity I have left. Her thought process goes something like - if it's edible eat it; if it moves attack it and then eat it; if it's put up out of my reach find a way to get it and eat it; if mom says no wait until she's not looking and eat it, if it has fur and meows at least try to eat it; if someone drops it on the floor get to it before they do and eat it; if it smells like a foot has been in it, eat it; if it looks like it wants to be eaten, eat it! If you've ever had a puppy, you get it, it's a puppy thing.

Eat it has most recently translated into injury, FOR ME! Cute little aforementioned puppy (also sometimes known as Hoov, short for Hoover) learned how to flip open the top of the trash can and remove it's tastiest contents. It turns out this last time around her snack of choice was a tin can lid. Apparently she realized she wasn't a goat and left the lid in the middle of the dining room floor where the bottom of my foot quickly and painfully made contact with it! This resulted in 8 stitches in the bottom of my foot on New Year's Day.

Happy New Year!

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noahsmom said...

What a very cute puppy! Is it's name really Hoov? That's very close to Hoss.

We had to put our lab mix Bart down about 18 months ago. Noah is starting to ask for a puppy. I never realized how many crumbs Bart took care of. Now instead of sweeping dog hair, I sweep crumbs. So if we get a dog that doesn't shed I shouldn't have to sweep anymore!

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