20 January 2007

Remember that one time when we
got that one thing?

How do you answer that question exactly? I get questions like this from my 7 year old all the time. I don't dare tell her that I have no idea what she's talking about, that only infuriates her because shouldn't every mother be able to read her 7 year old's warped little mind?

So when she posed this latest question to me in the car yesterday I instantly froze. What do I say? How do I handle this? Do not make her mad so she starts kicking the back of my seat, etc... In my frozen state I looked out the corner of my eye at my 11 year old next to me. For those of you who may actually know my 11 year old you can picture the look on her face. It was these momentary flickers of "What is she talking about? Why can't she just shut up for once in my life? I wonder if I can push her out in front of that truck coming without mom noticing? Ah, mom, heh, wonder how she's gonna manage to get out of this one without getting yelled at or having the back of her seat kicked in?"

As I sit frozen and distracted by the multitude of thoughts written all over my 11 year old I realize that the 7 year old is continuing to explain. Finally she was able to tell me what it was we got and when we got it.

Silence, that's my new theory. I'll just be silent when the next unanswerable question comes around.

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