08 February 2007

Candies and flowers and teddy bears oh my!

It's that wonderful Hallmark time of year again where all the women of the world build up this huge fantasy about all the romantic things their man is going to do to make this the V-day of all V-days, only for him to fail miserably and spend the rest of his life hearing how V-day 2007 was almost worse than V-day 2004, but if you really want pathetic you should hear about V-day 2003.

While I'm not overly fond of the impending romantic holiday I did decide it might be fun to share with all my loyal readers some of the things I've come across that I would like to give or receive.

Keeping in mind that this is not a holiday I get giddy about I couldn't help but choose a few of these to send to those I love or love to hate most. I have a few people in mind for this one. I couldn't have said it better. Then this is the one that scares me because well, I think it was written about me.

So some of you are actually into this holiday and need some last minute gift ideas you say? Oh, alright.

Do we women agree that this is mostly a women's holiday? Guys don't want chocolate, flowers, teddy bears and all that. Hell, cook him dinner and then do him on top of the table when your done and he'll think he's died and gone to heaven. If a gift is imperative I found the coolest key chain at Red Envelope. It's romantic, yet useful and his buddies will have no clue it's a mushy V-day gift. The best part? It's a gift for you girls too! Not your thing? Red Envelope always has plenty of unique gift ideas.

The extent of my Valentine gift buying includes my kids. This year for Christmas I bought them each a Webkinz and have they been the best gifts ever! My kids have so much fun visiting the website, earning kinz cash and furnishing their pet's virtual homes. I'm going to get each of them another one for Valentine's Day so their pets can interact. This cute little love puppy seems like he'd be the perfect Valentine's gift for the kiddies.

Now, if you're a man and you feel the need to send your love the requisite chocolate and flowers let's be sure you send her good chocolate and flowers. An awesome friend of mine from Wisconsin introduced me to Candinas Chocolatier. These are the chocolates of all chocolates! Make sure you read the story of how these little bits of heaven came to be.

Finally, the flowers. Maybe I'm not a typical girl when it comes to flowers but frankly, roses don't impress me all that much. If someone wanted to really impress me with flowers (hint-hint), tulips are the way to do it. The red vase adds a nice touch to this arrangement. I love the way this bouquet is put together.

I would love to see and hear about other's gift plans. I love unique ideas!

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