16 February 2007

Public Service Announcement

Because I am a good person and I want to save all the rest of the people of the world from the misery I have been experiencing, I am sharing an important bit of information with all of you, my faithful readers.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ever buy this piece of crap that claims to be a vacuum cleaner. It is a poser! Apparently the engineers at Bissell misunderstood when the directions said that this vacuum needs to suck!

Every time I use this thing I have to tear it apart and unclog it. Often times this happens more than once during the same use. The process includes unclipping and removing the bottom plate then removing the roller brush and belt. At this point I need bamboo skewers (each time I wonder why I have three large bags of these and then figure someone knew I was going to be unclogging the vacuum a few million times). I then use the bamboo skewers to jab into the sucker hole and try to dislodge the crap that has collected in the hole. Then, obviously, I have to put it all back together again. The crap that is clogging it is usually a combination of dirt and pet hair. I understand that I have three pets but not a single one of them has long hair and quite frankly since acquiring the puppy I don't think my cats have actually used the floor, it's just not safe.

So I'm left wondering if this is typical vacuum behavior? Am I doing something wrong? Does the vacuum just not like me? Can someone please refer me to a vacuum that doesn't suck at sucking?

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