30 March 2007

Desperate need

Often times when I'm on the computer Sophie (aka Pup) will step inside the door and make little growling noises at me. These growls are her way of letting me know she has a need. Many times when I'm absorbed in what I'm doing the growls will turn into barks. Her needs are usually a trip to her "potty spot" out doors or sometimes she will grab a toy and want me to play with her. Pretty smart little pup if you ask me.

Earlier (as in about 20 minutes ago) she stuck her head in the door and growled a couple times. I immediately went for the patio door as she hadn't been out in awhile and I figured she needed to pee. As I got to the patio doors I realized she wasn't following me but still standing in the dining room. I went back and gave her a little love and returned to the computer. Not five minutes later she was back at the growling bit. This time I let her lead and show me what she was after. She led me to the dining room stopped, dropped down and rolled on to her back. Which we all know is the universal sign for "RUB MY BELLY DAMN IT!"

Can you believe it? My dog is demanding belly rubs now! Who does she think she is? Yes, I fell for her demand and gave her a belly rub. Only to have return a few minutes later and demand another. I obliged a second time and now she seems content and happy. You can tell by her expression below that her momma is certainly no second rate belly rubber.

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