25 March 2007

So I got a job

Yes, it's true, it seems someone finds me still employable after 11 years of being home with my kids.

Tomorrow I start work for a digital printing company doing sales and marketing. It's pretty much what I was doing before I had kids. While I admit to being a little bit nervous I'm mostly really excited to have the opportunity to actually use my brain again. The people I'll be working for have been very kind in offering to be flexible so that I'm still able to take my girls to school and pick them up at the end of the day.

But of course, with every good opportunity there are draw backs. Be prepared a few of them are petty.

  1. No more dropping my kids off at school while still in my pajamas.
  2. No more going back to bed on the mornings I feel the need for more rest.
  3. No more summer vacation. It's not so bad, by week three I want to pound my kids heads together anyway.
  4. Pup is so not going to be happy with me when she has to start spending her days in her kennel.
  5. It's a 30 minute drive one way and gas is not cheap.
So, back to the reality of the working world I go.

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Kelly Bejelly said...

Congrats on your new job! Oh how I miss summer vacation, I wish we worked on the same calendar as a school year... I can dream ;)

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