23 January 2007


So I'm lying awake at 5 a.m. thinking about the fact that thanks to the book I just read, White Oleander, I now know how to successfully commit suicide using prescription sleep medication. Oh, have no fear, I don't have any prescription sleep medication in my possession. Once I realized that I continued on to the fact that despite all the words contained in that entire book, this is the one thing I gleaned from it. My goal now is to learn at least one new thing from each book I read. That's how I'll rate a book worthy from now on. I love to learn new things and if a book can teach me something new then it's worthy of my mention here, on my highly trafficked blog.

Now, off to call the doctor about this insomnia...

Disclaimer: all mentions of potentially committing suicide are simply sad attempts at humor.

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Kelly Bejelly said...


Sorry to hear about your insomnia, here are some yoga poses I have done to help me get to sleep a little easier - http://health.ivillage.com/active/ayoga/

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St. Augustine

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