21 January 2007

One way ticket

Conversation with my 11 year old after watching a commercial for an airfare sale. Brother-in-law was part of the conversation.

me: "Hmm, wonder where I could go for $49?"

her: "UH!" (as in, "that's not fair, I wanna go somewhere.")

me: "I'll take you with me."

her: big smile

him: "Yeah, she'll buy you a one way ticket."

her: "Huh?" (I guess she doesn't understand what a one way ticket is.)

me: "Actually, we'll buy both of your sisters a one way ticket, leave them there and I'll bring you back with me."

her: "Cool!"

*** Pause ***

me: "Imagine all the stuff you could have if I didn't have to pay for anything for your sisters."

If any of them survive childhood they're going to cost me a fortune in therapy.

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