07 January 2007

Join my contest!

The object: Be the first ever to post a comment on my blog. But don't go away if you're not the first, keep reading!

The rules: Post something, anything.

The prize: A lifetime link from my blog to your blog or website. Anything over PG-13 is automatically disqualified. Hey! I have kids ya know.

Posting guidelines: Keep it clean and kind please. Suggestions on what could make this blog more interesting would be helpful. Also, even if you're not the first, still post. I may want to check out your site myself or share it with my readers (all one of me.)

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to change any or all of these rules at any time and without notice. (This probably isn't necessary but you never know these days).

Ok, so it's not that great of a contest but (going into Wendy Whiner mode here) I reeaallly want someone to post a comment, pleeeaaassssee!

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