10 April 2007

All work, no play

That's pretty much what my life is feeling like since I've started working. Between working, homework, the start of soccer season, Easter, etc... there has been very little time for posting. Ok, I confess, there has probably been plenty of time to sit down and post but truth be told, I'm too brain fried to come up with anything to write about. Which brings me to the fact that this post will not be all that exciting. But there is a plea for information within!

The job is going good, lots of information to absorb. I keep telling myself that I'm very fortunate to have previous experience in the printing field because without it I would be clueless. I'm attempting to do marketing for the printer I'm working for. Once again, clueless. While I've worked in sales and advertising before and have some journalism education I've never actually worked in marketing. I've been trying to do as much research and reading on marketing as possible, which brings me to my plea. If you have any good marketing advice, know of any good articles or blogs, especially, about marketing I would love to hear about them.

I'm not feeling completely lost, I have some good ideas in action already and I know the more I get to know the ins and outs of this particular company the easier it will get. But, I'm an information hound and the more I have the better prepared I feel.

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Kim L said...

My sister is a marketing director. She said she doesn't follow any blogs/articles, but said Marketing for Dummies is a really good beginners source. Good luck!

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