04 March 2007

Number Gender

Do your numbers have genders?

Yesterday while driving, out of the blue my 7 year old says from the backseat, "Mama, 9 is a girl." I immediately disagreed with her and told her that 9 is indeed a boy. About that time I noticed my 11 year old looking at me like I was nuts. So I asked her if she thought 9 was a boy or girl and her response was, "I have no idea what you two are talking about."

That's when it occurred to me that maybe not every one's numbers have genders. I immediately dialed my crazy friend to ask her if her numbers have genders. I knew for sure she would say yes and make me feel saner, WRONG! I'm pretty sure she thought I'd been smokin' crack. I've since asked a couple more people and I've yet to find another adult who's numbers have genders.

So inquiring minds (mainly just mine) want to know... Do your numbers have genders? If so what are they? For instance my numbers 1,6,7,9 and 0 are all males while 2,4,5 and 8 are female. I've never really been able to put a gender label on 3, I think he/she might have numeral gender identity issues. Someone told me 3 should be a female because it's curvy. That then led me to wonder why exactly my numbers have the genders they do or why I've gendered my numbers at all. It's not something I did consciously, it's simply always been that way for as long as I can remember.

So please, I want to hear from others about this. Unless your a mental health professional and you plan to tell me I'm not well (I already know that so let's just keep it between us).


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Unknown said...

For me, it's always been perhaps too straighforward.

1, 4, and 7 are boys. 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 are girls, although 2 and 5 are tomboys. 0 is just a filler and doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

You're completely mad - numbers are not gender-based! Everyone knows they're colours

In particular my favourite (7) is Blue :)

Anonymous said...

I've thought this about colours too, days of the week, etc. It's the mind working by association.

Have you heard that some people see colours when they hear people talking? Now that's interesting!

wynsters the tigress said...

i've always imagined numbers to have genders. i have distinct memories as a child thinking about the boys and girls on the number line.

1,6,7,9 and 0 are boys and 2,3,4,5,8 are girls.

and most other people i talk to don't make this association.

Muddy said...

I've always felt that numbers and letters have gender. Words also have gender, but sometimes a word may have more female letters - but it's still a male word.

Colors have gender... so do some items.

But to me the female numbers are:
Male are

one and ten are kind of in-between.

The oddest thing is that when I see the numbers that others think are female (if they don't agree with mine) -- I can't help but think, that's so wrong.... how can they think that? :)

At least I'm not alone out here in gender world... at age 50 it wasn't until about 5 years ago that I discovered that everyone didn't think like I do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see that 'm not crazy. Not only do numbers have gender, they have colors and relationships! I've thought this since I can remember and figured everyone thought this. I feel absolutely silly writing this but here goes:

O=male, grandfather, white
1=male, father figure, black
2-female, married to one, yellow
3-female, daughter of 1 and 2, red
4=male, 3's brother, blue
5=male, 4's buddy, black and blue
6=male, 7's little brother, green
7=female, 8 and 9's daughter,brown
8=female, 9's wife, orange
9=male, 8's husband, dark brown
10=male, 9's father, black and white

Don't get me started with letter and words. Memories ahve colors and people have colors to me to but not in the "aura" sense. It's only when I think of them later that I see a color....I could go on and on

Emily Hunter said...
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Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I know this post is old, but I also associate gender with numbers. For example, 4 is female for me -- and 3 is male. Weird!

Anonymous said...

Both my daughter and I see numbers has having gender (although we don't agreee on them), but neither of my sons see this. I was recently reading "Musicophilia" by Oliver Sacks and came upon the term synesthesia used for people seeing number, letters, musical notes, etc. as colors or shapes or tastes. I've been researching online but have found very little related to numbers having gender. It's always nice to know you aren't the only one :-)

Anonymous said...

what is most interesting to me that people haven't mentioned, is that i still make the same gender associations for the same numbers in a different language! (chinese)
so i dont think it has to do with whether it looks curvy or not...for example, 7 will still be a girl to me whether you present it in arabic form or chinese characters or 7 dots arranged on a game piece
cool right

Anonymous said...

Numbers definitely have gender. I really didn't think a whole lot about it growing up, i just figured everyone made this association until I asked my ex-wife about it and she thought I was crazy.

1 is a male and not very dominant. 2 is a very strong female. 3 is just a nice female. 4 is a male and somewhat of a neutral or nice personality. 5 is a strong female. 6 is a female but not sure of herself. 7 is a male. 8 is a female. 9 is a male and 10 is a male.

The only other things that i apply gender to that I know of is silverware. The knife and spoon are both male and the fork is female. That right there really makes me sound crazy as I type it out!

I have read some on synesthesia. What I read points to this being classified as ordinal-linguistic personification type synesthesia.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! So I'm not a freak?! I get made fun of all the time. I not only thing that numbers have a gender but a personality as well. I feel the same way about letters. For some weird reason I've always felt that the male letter S bullies the T and is somehow jealous of the male letters R and Q. LMBO I have no idea why I feel that way.

Anonymous said...

I'm 17 and just realized not many people do this. I was talking about it with my grandma and she looked at me like I was high. Here are my number genders:


Jezer said...

I just wrote an entry about this too. I thought everyone did it. From the crickets chirping in my comments, it appears that we are a select few.

Joseph Orion Canter said...

Well, 0 is kind of indescribable, lets call it neutral.
The way I feel about the other numbers is as follows: (m=male, f=female)

1=m, 2=m, 3=f, 4=m, 5=m, 6=f, 7=f, 8=m, 9=f,
10=m, 11=m, 12=m, 13=f, 14=m, 15=m, 16=f, 17=f, 18=m, 19=f

after the numbers 1 through 19, all other numbers take the gender of their first digit. For example all the 20's are male all 30's are female. A random number like 309156 is female because of its first digit.

I've always had difficulty with math but this number-gender association is completely inherent to my particular mind.

josh said...

I'm 24 and my friends always think I'm crazy when I talk about number-gender associations. My sister shares the ability with me, too, though we disagree on the genders. For me, it's:

1 - male
2 - male
3 - male
4 - female
5 - female
6 - male
7 - female
8 - female
9 - male
0 - male

Multiple digits I don't think I really classify as one or the other.. I just see the individual genders.. like 432 is female-male-male.

Unknown said...

I was searching the internet specifically for someone else who does this because my family things I've lost it! Someone should start a study to find the psychology behind this! Maybe if someone sees the same number gender as you then you're soulmates!
0 - male
1 - female
2 - male
3 - female
4 - female
5 - male
6 - male
7 - male
8 - male
9 - male
10 - female
Occasionally my double digit numbers fluctuate a bit.

isalvage said...

I remember, I started seeing numbers as a boy or a girl when i was about five or six. For me 1, 4, 7, and 9, are male, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 10 are female. You know what, I too can't decide what number 3 is it is like genderless. But if I have to pick one I would say it is tom boy.

amun_child said...

Oh my goodness, I was discussing this in the car today with a friend of mine ... So glad to hear I'm not the only one - it was only today I realised it wasn't "normal" hehe!


Diaphanous Hedgehog said...

Oh my goodness... I thought I was the only one!

1, 3, 5, 6, and 8 are male for me; 2,4, 7, and 9 are female.

Letters a, h, m, n, p, q, s, u, v, w, y, and z are all female. The rest, of course, are male.

If your associate colors with your numbers and/or letters, you probably have synesthesia, a fascinating cross-wiring of senses.

I have no idea what it means to assign gender to numbers/letters, though.

Unknown said...

Hahahahaha that's funny, I've associated everything with gender for as long as I can remember, letters, numbers, colors...but to keep to topic

0 - male
1 - male
2 - female
3 - male
4 - male
5 - female
6 - female
7 - male
8 - male
9 - female

my double digit and triple digit usually go with the last number.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post...

Here's my breakdown -

0- male
1- male
2- female (and motherly)
3- male
4- male
5- male
6- female (and tomboyish)
7- male
8- female
9- female

No collective gender for multiples, just individual digits.

I somewhat engender letters also, but will save that for the appropriate post.

Anonymous said...

Here are the genders accoriding to me, as they have been since I was a kid (I'm 24 now):

0 is a girl. Average build, average everything, maybe wears glasses.
1 is a tall guy, possibly jewish with a timid personality.
2 is a sports oriented guy.
3 is a chubby guy and is one of those people that will perform any stupid stunt you dare them to do.
4 is a sports oriented guy, but unlike 2, he has a more reserved personality. Probably only plays baseball.
5 is a guy and is an overachiever. Might be in the military.
6 is sports oriented girl. Probably plays field hockey. Definitely a brunette.
7 is a girl who is somewhat bossy.
8 is a middle aged chubby girl
9 is a girl, maybe a librarian.

Things get fuzzier after that. 10 and 11 are guys, 12 is a girl, etc. More radom.

Unknown said...

My husband and I were watching a story about senesthesia and he said, "I thought everyone had gender for numbers, letters, shapes, and colors." With a smile asked him to explain. Wow! He has a gender for his numbers 1-10, shapes, colors, and alphabet. His letters also have specific colors. No one else in our family identifies gender for these things, but I wanted to make sure he isn't loosing his mind.
His numbers are as follows:
1,5,7,9,10 are male
2,3,4,8 are female
6 is a gender bender
His letters are:
E,F,H,I,J,L,M,N,R,T,X,Y,Z are male
A,B,C,D,G,K,O,P,Q,S,U,V,W are female.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was alone in this...but I just saw a program on the science channel about assigning colors to numbers, letters, and words. Getting the signals crossed in the brain or "Synesthesia." I don't do that necessarily although I do assign colors to the months of the year...and my big one...Genders to Numbers. So I did a search and came across this blog.
My Gender Numbers:
2- Male

And I noticed for me they're even...5 of each.

Anyway, thanks for blogging about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just lookinf this up on the internet, hoping to find other people with a similar thing, and here you are, blogging about this very thing that has been baffling and bothering me for ages!

I have always, well, as far back as I can remember, assigned genders to numbers and letters too. I always assumed it is something that we all do, unconsciously, but after talking about it with other people, I realised it wasn't something that many people recognised, or even thought about.

I think my interest in this stems from wondering why a certain gender is assigned to particular letters or numbers, is it the shape, the sound...I just don't know?!

For me the numbers are as follows...


The letters will take a considerable amount of time to write, but its the same with letters, this strange need to identify them as either male or female. I will have to do some more research I think, this is really interesting!

Thank you so much for blogging about it! :)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, I'm not the only one who thinks numbers have gender!
Here's my list:

0 has no gender, but is sort of a divine entity

1 is male

2 is male

3 is male

4 is female

5 is male

6 is male

7 is female

8 is male

9 is female

10 is male

11 is female

12 is male

Anonymous said...

Odds are male. Except 3&9.
All evens are female. =/

Anonymous said...

I have come across the same conclusion. Not everyone associates numbers, letters, and colors with a gender. I have ever since I can remember. But so far, everyone that has posted- I associate them diffently.

I think the most interesting part is that it sounds like most of us have thought this since we were very young and now it's almost a hard-fast rule- each number to its perspective gender.

I agree, I think someone...someone much smarter than me, should study it and make a Discovery show about it- AND they should interview us!

I also don't think it has anything to do with the shape, or sound of the letter. I think it has to do with its superiority in its use, or its dominance in frequence. Masculine more dominant and feminine less.

As for colors, cooler are primarily male, warmer are primarily female. Letters seem to follow more of the number rule...of course, all of this is in my mind- and probably doesn't follow the same rules as it does in yours. Really interesting though!

Anonymous said...

I always though (knew!) that numbers had genders since I was very young. My family always made fun of me. I was just sitting in the kitchen and my mom told me, "You should write all this down, because when you grow up, you'll forget it." She likened it to having an imaginary friend as a child and forgetting her name when you grow up. I told her no, that wouldn't happen, because this wasn't something imaginary; it wasn't something I could just forget, just like I won't forget how to count. She said, "But you're the only one who knows it. It's not something you can look up." Having the computer on my lap at that moment, I started Googling furiously, and came up with this blog and was downright delighted to find out that, as I suspected, I'm NOT the only one! Personally, I think it goes like this:


For me, it goes to higher numbers as well. Mostly, for two-digit numbers, it goes by the gender of the first digit. (the twenties are mostly girls, the fifties are mostly boys, etc.) but that's a flexible rule. And like most everyone here, this wasn't something I invented or created - it was simply something I knew.

Also, letters have genders in my mind as well. In case anyone's interested, in my opinion...

Girls: acmopqrsuv
Boys: bdefghijkntvwxyz

Kind of a skewed boy to girl ratio, huh?

Glad to know I'm not alone! :)

Anonymous said...

My stories involving the relationships of my numbers could take the crazy cake...

I always found 1 & 0 to be sort of neutral or otherworldly (unless combined, the number 10 is definitely a boy)

2 - male
3 - female
(2 & 3 are a very happy couple)

4 - female
5 - male
6 - female
7 - male
(4 & 5 go out, but 5 sort of has the hots for 6 even though she only has eyes for 7 who is one cool guy...)

8 - male
9 - female
10 - male
(So 8 & 10 are constantly fighting over 9, she can never make up her mind between them...)

I think I made this up because I found math so deathly boring...

Unknown said...

For me:
4, 7 strongly female
2 older woman, less feminine
11 androgynous
5, 6, 9 definitely male
3, 8 less masculine than 5 6 9
0,1 genderless

A, K, N, V, Y strongly feminine
H, M less feminine
L, F androgynous
R, P, S, J, T, D, E, strongly masculine
O, X, B, Z, C, G,
U, I almost unnoticeable amount of masculinity :)
Q, W genderless

I see just genders and personalities no colors. For example F is orange headed and freckled strongly androgynous, but no way genderless.

I'm 23 old male, and about a year ago I still though that every one seed those gender in letters and numbers. It is just so self-evident. I was _quite_ surprised when I was told by friends that there must be something wrong with me when I see genders in letters and numbers

Danica said...

WOW!!!!!! I've never run across anyone else who associated numbers with gender.I just happened to google "numbers as gender" , and your post was first on the list. I feel so validated , but not as interesting and unique anymore after reading all the comments .Here's my 2 cents :
1=gentle , kind old man
2=sweet old woman
3=grumpy old man
4=older gentleman
5=plump homely older woman
6=manly woman,sort of stingy,has a secret crush on 7
7=lovely slender woman
8=plump tom-boyish woman in her 30's
9=very lovely slender woman who 7 aspires to be
10=handsome man

Then of course they all relate according to their various personalities . I found this always helped me in math.

LOL.....classic !

J. Blackmore said...

I'm so glad to find all of you! I was discussing this with my mom last night: both of us see numbers with gender, although our lists don't agree. Here's mine:

1-Male, but maybe a eunuch
2-Female, kinda butch
3-Androgynous, but mostly female
4-Male, but kinda under 5's thumb
5-Female, very overbearing
6-Male, kind of a misogynist
7-Male, the peacemaker of the bunch
8-Female, in a relationship with 9
9-Female, also kinda butch
10-Male, a fatherly figure, slightly despotic

Danica, if you're still following this thread, how did the gender relationships of your numbers help you with math? I struggled with math all through school.

Anonymous said...

I'M NOT ALONE!! Only one blogger agreed with my numbers:
1-Neutral Baby
I'm one of the only ones who thinks 4 is female. I'm the weird of the weird!
Anyways, I told a woman from my work and she did some research for me on assigning gender. This is her theory (no she is not a professional in the field): When we are 2-3 years old we begin to discover gender. We realize what our own gender is and realize what other people's genders are too. She thinks that if you began to learn your numbers and letters at this same age you would begin to assign them genders, also. I don't know if it is right but it makes a lot of sense. What do you guys think? :)

Anonymous said...

(Continued from the previous comment) I forgot to say that I think that 4 and 5 are buddies. 5 wishes he could be friends with 6 and 7 but is not cool enough. Crazy?? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm dead on with Heather above. Her numbers are my numbers.
Heather said...
I'm 17 and just realized not many people do this. I was talking about it with my grandma and she looked at me like I was high. Here are my number genders:


Me again,
I also do this with letters as well.
Q-Male? This one is stumping me.

Strangely it is so obvious. I'm not sure what is more shocking, that there are people like me out there or that people like me don't agree on what seems obvious with the genders. My wife thinks I am nuts but I have done this gender thing since as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

my friends think I'm crazy. but I'm so glad to see that there are some other people like this in the world (even if we are all crazy).

here's MY breakdown:


I also have genders to every object.

The weirdest thing is that they always stay the same- the genders have never changed for any number, letter of the alphabet, or object.

So interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, I remember when I was 7, I asked my best friend about this and was surprised to find out that she had never thought of numbers as boys or girls. Unlike speaking to grownups about this now, she thought it made perfect sense when I explained which numbers were girls and boys.
Here's my list:
3-female, but one who wouldn't be caught dead in a dress
9-transgendered, though at age 7 I did not know a word to describe it. I always found nine to be somewhat confusing, but probably more girl than boy...

polly said...

so glad to see this I am not alone. I see colors and genders in numbers /letters and both in chinese characters.
male: 1 3 5 8 10
female: 2 4 6 7 9
neutral: 0
I just consider it with the functions with those letters/numbers/characters.
It is very useful for memorizing something, especially for vocabulary.e.g, "beed" is different from "bead" because there is a red "a" in the latter word.

kris said...

1, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 9 are girls, though 3 and 9 are a bit masculine.

0, 2, 5, and 8 are boys, though 8 is more feminine.

A, H, I, K, M, N, P, Q, R, S, U, V, X and Z are girls
B, C, D, E, F, G, J, L, O, T, W, Y are boys. Though Y is a bit ambiguious.

Warm colors are girls.
Cold colors are boys.

Unknown said...

Try this one on for size: 1=unity; 2= a pair or couple; 3=the beginning of a family(and a lucky number); 4=community ( or death if negatively biased); 5=half way; 6= female; 7= neutrality or deception; 8= positive bias; 9= male; and ten= the best. As 4 colors, my personal favorite is aqua.

Tallon said...

This is always what it's like for me.

0-no gender
9-androgynous (usually female)

Anonymous said...

2458 female
13679 male
0 no gender

and for example

LR no gender


Anonymous said...

When I came across this term Synesthesia, it was as if my world made sense and now reading the comments here I am absolutely amazed that I am not alone. Her is my gender break down and the interesting thing is I havent found anyone yet with the same perceptions with the nubers and letters:
6- confused male/female
8-confused male/female

a-male/female (nerd)
b-male (tomboy)
j-male (sassy)
l-male (quiet)
m-male (handsome but dumb)
r-female (sexy)
t-male (popular)

Only five females in the alphabet but interestingly enough the letters have personalities too. I just added a few of them above.

Unknown said...

it seems like it's a little different for everyone. maybe this seeming gender labeling is like gender agreement with certain words in european languages; something our brain tries to interpret as information in our infant state of life and a concept it develops over childhood, as a sort of side project, such as learning a second language.

Anonymous said...

This is great! My husband also associates gender to numbers and words, but all the wrong genders. Here's what they really are:
1, 2, 4, 5 are female
3, 6, 7 8, 9, 10 are male

A female
B - E are male
F & G female
H male
I - N are female
O male
And the rest are female but R, T are tomboys.

Unknown said...

Hey, i also associate genders with numbers. this is called SYNESTHESIA. some people with synesthesia also see colors with words, sounds, and tastes and visa versa. i am thirteen and simply assumed that everyone thought this way. i also see inanimate objects with genders and personalities, which can be really distracting to me. if you want to learn more, go to Amazon.com and read the book a Mango Shaped Space. i always found this to be really distracting in math because i felt bad pairing uncooperative numbers together. her are my numbers:

1= boy. always trying to get the attention of 2 and kind of like an annoying little nerd. like the little boy you babysit that picks you flowers out of his mom's garden while you are babysitting
2=girl, teenagerish age,kind of like a bubble gum chewing, cell-phone toting, ipod in ears older sister.
3=middle aged woman who is cranky and upset, like that old waman who lives next door to you with the eighteen cats
4=boy, again teenagerish, cool, don't-mess-with-me-or-i'll-knife- you-type
5=older man, kind of reminds me of my grandpa, kind of guy you'd see in a fishing boat
6=again, man, just not as prominent of a number character to me
7=slinky, sleezy, con man sort of type
8=goes hand-in-hand with nine, kind of like in a marriage when the woman has the power job and the man(8) is stuck at home with the two kids and has to cater to his wife(9)'s every need
9= as described above

Unknown said...

one more thing, silverware. Fork, a girl but kind of tomboyish, wants knife but is standoffish
Knife and spoon, DEFINATE couple, spoon very girly and kind of hates fork because knife, kind of egotistical, always flirts with fork. yeah, i know. i obviously have no life if i actually spend time thinking about this stuff. i also associate letters with genders, and nobody really agrees with my letter or number choices
i'm special:)

Christine said...

Thank God I'm not alone! haha.

I mostly agree with you on the genders, and 3 is questionable for me too! :D

0 - male
1- male
2 - male, but I think it could be female-ish as well.
3 - ? It really can go either way for me. It's my favorite number so I think "girly" but subconsciously I think it's male.
4 - female
5 - male [definitely]
6 - male [definitely]
7 - male
8 - female
9 - male
10 - male

So yeah, most of them are guys to me!

Christine said...

Oh, and as other people stated, numbers have personalities for me too! Wow, you don't know how good it feels not to feel like a weirdo. The personalities are so inconsistent though.

But I do know for sure that 6 is quite mean, and good friends with 5, while 7 is really shy. And I think 8 is fun-loving.

I'm starting to freak myself out, so I think I'll shut up now.

Unknown said...

I have letter/number-color synesthesia. My mother associates numbers and genders and it seems very similar to my number-color thing. I also haven't found much scientific discussion of letter/number-gender associations as synesthesia. But I think that's gotta be what it is.

Mark said...

I associate genders with letters, numbers, colours, days and months. Here's my list;

1 F
2 M
3 M
4 M
5 M
6 F
7 F
8 F
9 F
10 M

Mon F
Tues M
Wed F
Thurs M
Fri M
Sat M
Sun F

Jan F
Feb M
Mar F
Apr F
May F
June F
July F
Aug F
Sep F
Oct M
Nov F
Dec M

Red M
Orange M
Yellow F
Green F
Blue M
Purple F
Brown M
Black M
White F
I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only one

STEFF said...

These associations have been with me for as long as I can remember and they NEVER change.
1 m
2 f
3 m
4 f
5 m
6 m
7 f
8 m
9 m
10 m
11 m
12 f
13 m....



Fascinating for those who really have these automatic associations. I think some people "think" they make these association but they really do not because the "think" about it and analyze then form the association. But this does not require "thought" it is automatic, like breathing it just is.

STEFF said...

Oh and all of the days of the week are male except for Saturday and Sunday they are both female : )

Anonymous said...

woow!!! I do the same!!! To numbers, letters,months,a nd days of the week! I really thought I was insane! and don't know anyone that thinks like this! till now! Is there a reason we do this?

Jamie said...

I am a mother of four children. My husband and three of our kids do not think of number gender, but me and my youngest son do. We just came to this conclusion today. I was concerned there was something wrong with my son and I, so I googled it. Thank you so much for posting this. Now I know we are sane on this level anyway....=)

Rachel said...

I do as well! I'm glad I'm not crazy. But mine are logical, at least to me. They're based on the curvaceousness. I see color for some of them too. For instance:

0: Neutral
1: Male- Navy blue
2: Male/Androgynous- Yellow
3: Female- Reddish/Pink
4: Male
5: Male/Androgynous- Red
6: Female- Purple
7: Male
8: Female
9: Female/Androgynous- Green

It's a bit strange that mostly they're male, I consider myself quite pro-women...as I am one. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't know how a lot of you can think 6 is a boy.... 6 is definitely a girl. It goes:


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

OMG! Me, too! When I was a little kid -- like 6 or 7 -- I remember asking a friend if 0 was a boy or girl. Friend looked at me weird, & thereafter I realized not everyone assigns genders to numbers. I also do letters.

5-M (actually, 5 has a little bit of personality -- a very earnest young boy.)
10-M (personality is outdoorsman, kind of dumb)

... and it goes on.

amzii said...

I am a psych student and recently just learnt about a term called synaesthesia which is a perception of a specific stimulus which induces a concurrent and distinct experience in a separate or same modality. which made me feel a lot better coz ever since ive been little i always knew numbers had genders for me 2, 4, 5 are females and 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are all males and 1 is a little kid which their gender unknown. lol

Anonymous said...

i think of numbers as genders, as well. they also have personalities.

0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 = boys. mean and rude. kind of like bullies.

2, 4, 6, 8 = girls. pretty, nice, generous. like flowers :) i much prefer even #s over odd #s.

Anonymous said...

I have genders for numbers, days, months, colors and letters. I also see the days of the week on a wheel. The wheel turns as we go through the week. I see the months of the year in blocks with Jan through June at the top and July though December at the bottom. I just recently realized that I put decades in my mind as bars of time.

If you say "1890" I see it as the top row of a stack to the left. For some reason, the 20th century's bottom block starts with 1920 (maybe because my dad was born in 1921). When I think of my grandmother's birthdate in 1914, the years 1900 to 1919 are kind of a bridge going between the two stacks I have. Even though the 2000s are in the 21st century, they are still on top of my "current stack."

I did wonder for some folks if they associate letters with colors because of toys from their past. I remember letters with magnets from the early 70s. A was red, B was orange, etc.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Not crazy! I remember looking at the long rows of number examples above the chalk board in grade school and automatically "knowing" what gender the numbers were. As I got older some personality traits emerged as well.

1 is male
2 is female
3 is a lesbian
4 loves 3, male
5 is evil, gender shifts, mostly female
6 is indifferent, female
7 is a hero, male
8 is a female, mother, compassionate
9 is 10's sidekick, female
10 is male, professor, wise

Unknown said...

Wow I knew i could NOT be the only person who thought this.
0-older man
1-young independent man
2-girl possible daughter to one
3-boy two is his sister but not sure if 1 is his father
4-girlfriend to 3
5-the father of 4
6-five's brother with a care free attitude
7- husband to 8 but possibly gay(has a bromance with 6)
8- frenmie of 9
9-very strong woman and wants to rule
10-father of 9 and possible love interest to 8

Monica said...

I was just wondering if personalities and relationships that your numbers and letters have can sometimes change? For example if '4' is a bossy girl, can she sometimes become less bossy? I assume that genders stay the same, however I am very interested if personalities of letters and numbers could sometimes change?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

10=m ...

Philip said...

This post has made my day...I am in college and I was just telling my psychology friend the other day that I do this...I also do the alphabet, and days of the week and months. But anyway they all thought I was crazy and that no one else does this.I am so glad to hear there are a lot more of us. Here are my numbers and I can do it for any number so I will just do my 1-10


Thumbelyna said...

I can't say how happy I was to see this post!

Everyone who has posted here has a form of SYNESTHESIA ( the stimulation of one sensory which invokes the sensation of another. Here's what wikipedia has to say about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia

Color association is known as grapheme ( color synesthesia)

As to the association with gender and "relationships" between numbers it may be another form of synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic Personification, in which days of the week, months, and number evoke personification(s).

Some people see, taste, and feel color with music, voice or simply sounds.

I have both and OLP color with music...
I associate days, months, and number, with gender, relationship, and age, and I see lots of different colors when I hear music.

Here they are:

So ever since I could remember myself, I had this little quirk...I associated numbers, days of the week, and months with gender, relationship between each other, and even age!

I did some research a while ago and found out it's a form of synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic Personification, in which days of the week, months, and numbers evoke personification.

Here is what I have so far...:

Sunday- female, great friends with Monday and Saturday
Monday- male, friends with Tuesday and Wednesday, but hates Saturday, Friday, and is mere acquaint with Thursday
Tuesday-female, Is in Love with Monday, likes Wednesday, but not really Thursday, not Friday nor Saturday
Wednesday- female, gets long well with Tuesday, but prefers Thursday, Friday and Saturday a bit more than all others.
Thursday- male, best friends with Friday, involved with Wednesday
Friday-male, best friend and in love with Saturday
Saturday- female, sister to Sunday, hates Monday, doesn't know how she feels about Friday.


0-female, gets a long with everyone
1-male, mild mannered,engaged to 2, but feels threatened by 3
2-female, cute, young, engaged to 1 but feels very close to 3
3-male, in his 30's loves 2, bullies 1, best friends with 4
4-male, early 30s, doesn't care about the affairs between 1, 2, and 3, but enjoys 3's company
5-male, in his 40s, brother to 4 and 3, interested in 6 but insecure about his feelings towards her, friends with 7 but feel uncomfortable
6-female, 25, sweet career girl, stuck in between choosing 5 and 7, doesn't get a long with 9
7-male, 30s, wants to marry 6 but is not financially stable, and is unsure about the intention of 5, is friends with 8 but hates 9 which causes a strain in 8 and 7s friendship.
8-male, 30s, gets along well with 9 and 7, but feels stuck because of their animosity.
9-female, 40s disliked/hated by all but 8, 10, and 11, the bitch no one likes, self-centered and selfish
10-female, 40s, mother figure, liked by everyone, chastises 9 for her bad behavior but also treats her kindly
11-male, 40s, 10 partner, fatherly figure, more serve on 9 but allows 10 most interaction with her.
12-female, young, daughter of 10, and 11, prefers not to deal with 9 but enjoys the company of everyone else.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1 - male
2 - female
3 - male
4 - female
5 - male
6 - male
7 - male
8 - female
9 - female
0 - both

*1 is 2's dad, 2 and 3 are married and they had 4, 4 is engaged to 5 who's best friends are 6 and 7, 7's sister is 8 and has a crush on 6, 9 is seeing 7 and 0 is 9's parent (changes on a semi regular basis)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow.. the original post was made 3 years ago and people are still commenting (& randomly posting pics of their naked exs).. This is crazy. love the concept around number gender. my #s don't have genders butI think my life would be more interesting if they did.

Anonymous said...

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SiLentThRead said...

This is soo awesome. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Here is my list...

0 - boy
1 - boy
2 - girl
3 - boy
4 - girl
5 - boy
6 - boy
7 - boy
8 - boy
9 - girl
10 - boy
11 - boy
12 - girl

I've noticed that 2, 4, and 9 seem to be very popular as girls. Maybe it's the way the names are pronounced.

SiLentThRead said...

wait, it gets crazier. Now that I think about it, I also have age groups for them and some even have physical appearances.

1 is boy
2 is an older woman
3 is man in his 30's or 40's
4 is a hot girl in her 20's
5 is a normal looking adult guy
6 is also a normal looking adult guy.
7 is one of the tallets of the adult males
8 is normal adult male
9 is also a hot girl like 4, except that 9 his nice long legs
10 is just some old dude.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

For me:

1 - man
2 - old woman
3 - 3rd gender / tomboy
4 - boy
5 - old man
6 - old woman
7 - man
8 - 3rd gender / tomboy
9 - young woman

Unknown said...

I confronted my sister about this one day, and she thought i was crazy! Letters have genders for me too, and numbers.

Girl Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 8 Boy Numbers: 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 0
note: 3 is a tomboy and 6 may be gay.

Girl Letters: a c l p q r s v w y
Boy Letters: b d e f g h i j k m n o t x z
(i dont know where to place u though. u confuses me.)

Mine are not colors. I wish they were though :)

Anonymous said...

I'm only 13 years old and this has happend to me my whole life, I thought it was normal! Until I started talking about it and got looked at like I was crazy! Thank goodness another one of my friends does the same thing.

1- male
2- female
4- female
5- female
6- male
7- female
8- male
9- male
10- male

4 and 5 fight over 9 a lot.
9 and 10 are feminine girls.
1 and 2 are best friends.

Anonymous said...

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Raine said...

I learned about senesthesia once and I went to talk to my family about it. They all agreed that numbers had genders so I dismissed the possiblity that I had senesthesia. Then I find out how strongly genetic it is, so my whole family agreed because we all have it :D

btw, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 - male
2, 4, 9, 12, 14, 19 - female
the others are more complicated ;)

Anonymous said...

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Jay B said...

You guys are sooo weird because "5" is the most male number of them all.

6 being the most female.

The weirdest thing to me is... 1 is male, yet 11 is female.

I loved the thing one person said about letters having relationships and associated colors.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

same for me
numbers and letters have genders and relationships.Maybe its becuz of Synesthesia.And it all explain why my math sucks (:

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I was watching a TED seminar talking about synesthesia and the association of colors with numbers. Like many here, I'd never thought about it any other way. Here's my setup

0 - Female. The big mama.
1 - Male. Ward Cleaver dad type.
2 - Male. Wandering adolescent
3 - Female. Boring yet sweet aunt.
4 - Female. Businesswoman.
5 - Male. Kind of a douche.
6 - Male. Quiet and nerdy.
7 - Male. Business casual guy.
8 - Female. Brash middle aged.
9 - Male. Stunt motorcyclist type.
10 - Male. Patriarch.

It's a funny feeling. All at once upon landing on this page, I discovered that I am a weirdo in this regard, but then am immediately comforted to know that I am in the company of a significant number of other similar weirdos :-)

Anonymous said...

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meghan said...

i do this! i looked it up, its called synaesthesia, i think. i heard a lecture on it, it's where the crossroads between personalities, colours, genders etc. get cross-wired and someone we get this association. everyone has it, some people just do it a lot more.

for me, it goes like this:
1- a boy. a recluse. doesnt talk to anyone but really has a thing for number 2 but wont tell her because shes so outgoing.

2-a young girl.happy, chirpy, young, outgoing

3-a boy. quite sensible. but naive.

4-a girl. quiet. girly.

5-boy. awesome, funny. everything. just awesome. very popular.

6-girl. everyone likes number 6. incredibly popular, boys are in loveeee with number 6. can be manipulative

7-boy. loves number 6. can be controlled by number 6. easily lead on.

8-the older figure of the bunch- would say late 20s. very sensible. has issues with being left out but deals with it in a passive aggressive manner. will not be messed with!

9-a boy. fancies 7, yes another boy. but wont tell him because hes shyyyyy

10-girl. hates everyone. because theyre all 'kids'...

hahha! im CRAZY with a capital C!

Christy said...

My numbers don't have genders but my letters do.

Girl letters are: a, c, h, k, m, n, r, s, v, w, x, y, z
Boy letters are: b, d, e, f, g, i, j, l, o, p, q, t, u

These have been strong in my mind for as long as I can remember. It just so happens that there is an equal number of both genders.

Anonymous said...

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Charm said...

I only recently realized I wasn't the only one who assigned genders to things...I asked my mom about it and she said she'd never thought about it before; me, I'd just kind of always had that assumption/association of gender to number - and weekday, too.

0, 1, 2, 5, 7, and 8 are male.

3, 4, 6, and 8 are male.

Though actually 1 is rather androgynous.

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are male.

Monday and Wednesday are female.

Friday could kind of go either way, like 1, though I tend to think of it as male.

Vampymaus said...

Fun! Interesting to see all of the variations - which look completely wrong to all of us. *snicker*

1 - male
2 - female
3 - male
4 - female (tied to 5 somehow)
5 - male
6 - male (more sensitive type though)
7 - male
8 - male (like 9's weaker right hand)
9 - male
10 - female (older and wiser)

Female Letters
A, H, K, N, Q, R, S, U, V, X, Y, Z

Male Letters
B, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, M, O, P, T, W

Anonymous said...

so awesome. I was contemplating this in the car a few minutes ago and decided to look it up on my phone. I know this post is pretty old, but still it's amazing. I never really thought about it... just thought it was normal. I have weird ways of associating other things too... like I see the year as a timeline with different events sticking out and I see a map in my head whenever I'm thinking about where I'm going. My family members say that this is crazy and can't seem to imagine it; except my dad, he sees things the same way.
For me it's
3=little boy

and like someone mentioned above, whenever I hear what others say I cannot agree.

jesma said...

Wow! I have never found anyone who associated gender to numbers, letters, days, months etc.. This is cool to see I'm in so much company.
for me..
mon. wed. sat, sun-female
tue, thur, fri - male
I do the same with letters, days and months. I looked up synesthesia but found nothing about assigning gender, only color and personalities.
Anyone know of any sites to go to?

Anonymous said...

I do it too! I was actually kind of worried because I was watching an episode of mystery diagnosis and a scitzophrenic child was doing that, and the parents were complaining about it being one of her symptoms! I was like, oh sh@@! I'm crazy! LOL...nice to know others do that. I have never told anyone that I did that!

Lyn said...

Oh I'm so glad I found this!
I always think that I'm a little psychotic for associating numbers and alphabets with genders. As far as I remember, I have such thoughts since I was a young girl.

To me,
5-Male, old man to be exact
6-Female, middle aged woman
7- Female, young adult
9-Female, smart woman

I even have it for alphabets! Very specific too! But it'll take forever to type them out here. Nevertheless, thank you all for sharing your experiences, at least now I know I'm not alone:)

yes, this is my post (for future reference incase I forget) said...

1- boy
2- definitely a girl
3 - In my head it's hard to tell but when I see it it's a girl
4 - Hands down a girl
5 - I can't decide... Im leaning towards girl though
6 - Extremely feminine
7 - Male
8 - female
9 - a 'sexy' girl

alphabet (Im more sure of these)

A -Girl
B- Girl
C - Girl
D - Girl
E - Girl
F - Girl
G - Girl
H - Cant decide
I - Boy
J - Girl
K - Girl
L - Feminine boy
M - Definitely a boy
N - Girl
O - Transgendered
P - Girl
Q -Girl
R - Girl
S - Girl
T - boy
U - Boy
V - girl
W - boy
X - girl
Y - boy
Z - boy

weird how they're mostly girls. I don't get it...
This was always something I never really thought about until I read it wasn't completely 'normal'.

Some words have genders too, which doesnt make sense,
for example, the word, "White" is hands down a female word even though moat of the letters are boys.

some female objects: Lamp, chair, table, carpet, door, computer
Some male objects: folder, picture frame, hand rail, tree, car, radio

Another weird thing is that the word purple is female, but the actual color is male. Where as some dolors and word match up. Red: both girls. Yellow: both boys.

Going back, h is a boy.

Whitney said...

I'm with you guys!! I'm 24.... mom's a psychologist and says I shouldn't practice odd behavior (thinking) because it's bad for my brain... I say - this doesn't take any thinking - it just is what it is! I can picture sitting on the floor with a packet of markers as a kid thinking about their genders/relationships and also associating them with numbers.

Here's my list :: I haven't matched anyone yet, off by one with a few of you.

0 - boy
1 - boy
2 - girl
3 - boy
4 - boy (so many girls for this one??)
5 - boy (duh)
6 - girl (duh)
7 - boy (duh)
8 - boy
9 - girl
10 - boy

Note that I use boy & girl vs male/female or man woman.... just felt weird otherwise... I clearly associate it with childhood.

The storyline that sticks out most in my head ::

Guys 5 (red) & 7 (blue) always fight over miss 6 (pink). She's leaning toward 7... always has fun with 5, but sees him more as a friend :)

Also - used to wonder if this was an only child thing? We lonely onlies had to get creative sometimes!

Unknown said...

I am baffled that I am not alone!

Here are mine:

1,4,5,6,9,10 = male
2,3,7,8 = female

I do letters too:

X, Y and Z are iffy

Anonymous said...


I forgot about that i used to think about it all of the time in kindergarden

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is pretty old, but me and my brother have discovered that we fall into the same situation as all of you. What shocks me the most is that there is a guy in this blog that has the SAME EXACT combination on number-gender as I do!!!!! (Joseph)

1=m, 2=m, 3=f, 4=m, 5=m, 6=f, 7=f, 8=m, 9=f, 10=m, and so on and so forth

well, except for 0, I consider it male, a baby male.

I also give personality to all of my numbers, as well as colors. The craziest thing is that I also assign colors and numbers to letters, to days, to months, and to shapes. I also give colors to musical notes.

I read in wikipedia that it could be a case of synesthesia, but I'm not sure... any guesses?

Anonymous said...

1-neutral, leaning female
8-f, lesbian

B-female b-male
M-male m-female

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone associated numbers and letters with gender. I'm going to go ask my wife -she'll think I'm crazy but here are mine (and I can't believe this isn't obvious to everyone):

0 male, smart guy
1 male, wimpy
2 female, athletic
3 female, a little bunchy (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
4 male, standard guy
5 male, same
6 female, average girl
7 male, good looking and smart
8 female, lesbian
9 female, smart

A male
B female, lesbian like number 8
C male
D male
E male
F male
G male
H female
I male
J male
K female
L male
M female
N female
O male
P female
Q male
R female
S female
T male
U male
V female
W female
X male
Y male
Z male

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

We have what is known as Synesthesia.

I'm 15, it's been like this my whole life, it's MY normal.
o-bones, silent nothing that has a dark hole for a mouth.
1-Boy, lonesome, white, stands out in the crowd. young teen
2-girl, red, friendly, 12 yrs. old
3-transgender, nice to everyone. 13 yrs old. orange
4-boy, independent on self, 14 yrs old blue and purple, sometimes green.
5-girl, teenager, fruit punch flavored. she's critical about everything. reddish orange
6-transgender, yellow, quiet, dreams of future.
7-boy, blue, likes to hit numbers, but also helps the other numbers. smells like familiar cologne.
8-girl, red, likes 7, looks up to 9 and 10.
9-woman, Yellow-orange, old grouchy woman
10-man, beard, wears a crown, blue or gray.
11-man, evil.

jesma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosina said...

1 Male
2 Male
4 Male
6 Male
7 Male
9 Male

3 Female
5 Female
8 female
0 Female only when placed on the right side of the other digits
0 Genderless or Asexual when at the left

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this! I teach piano lessons and refer to the finger numbers (1-5) and the musical alphabet (A-G) as gendered. For me, EGB are the only males while CDFA are females. The entire tonalities of the key and all it's identities stay with the letter. For instance, C in my world is female, so C-Major, c-minor, C-Sharp Major, c-sharp minor are all female. Which brings me to how I process numbers. For me, are female, are male. Two-digit numbers are gendered by their first number (all of my twenties are females, all thirties are males) but I rank my teen numbers by the last number, not by the first "1" so 12 is female, 13 is male, 14 female, 15 male, 16 male, 17 male, 18 & 19 female. Wow, so we're not special afterall!

Pameleen said...

My friend sent me a link to your blog when she saw this post.

Here is mine! http://pameleen.blogspot.com/search/label/numbers

LAUREN said...

3- male-ish
4- male
5- male
6- female
7- female
8- male
9- female
10 - male

a - male-ish
b - male
c - male
d- male
e - male
f - male
g - male
h - female
i - male
j - female
k - female
l - female
m - male
n - male
o - male
p - female
q - male
r - female
s - male
t - male
u - male
v - female
w - male
x - female
y - female-ish
z - male

i would love to know if anyone has the same pattern as me with either numbers of letters

Milly said...

1; boy- shy, friendly, in his early 20's, geeky has a thing for 2.
2; girl- sporty,in her early 20's, out going, nice kinda likes one& friends with three.
3; boy- butch, in his late 20's, manly has a thing for 2 but hates one because he she's him as competition, not the nicest of people (well number).
4; boy- nice, in his late 20's, smart bestfriends with 5.
5; boy- party animal, in his late 20's, manly quite a smoothie, bestfriends with 4& son of six.
6; girl- middle to late 40's, big mouth, a gossip best friends with 7 and mother of five.
7; girl- late 40's, huge mouth, quite insecure but doesn't show it she puts on a loud front, quite rough around the edges, her best friend is six and she likes five but acts like she doesn't.
8; boy- early 40's, nice guy, he knows seven likes him and he likes her but also doesn't like to admit it, friends with six& nine.
9; girl- early 40's, really likes 8 but he's not interested he just likes her as a friend, she's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder so she's quite mean to everyone, but she's like 10's sidekick.
10; boy- idk how old he is I think early 50's, powerful like a superhero.

Anonymous said...

0 - boy

Kenne Morrison said...

I too thought this was a normal thing growing up, but yeah, I get the "are you crazy" face from friends when I bring it up. BTW, I can see the reasoning that some people have for seeing the genders they do, but for me, I just can't see these numbers as any other gender.

1 is most definitely a male
2 is female
3 is male
4 is female
5 is female
6 is male
7 is male
8 is female
9 is female
0 is male

Wow, I just looked it over and I see that my number genders are equal. Five males and five females. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a relief. Everytime I've tried to discuss this with someone, I eventually wound up worrying that I might be locked up. For as long as I can remember, I've associated digits and letters with genders. They don't match the way others do, but there is a link in my mind. There's no link to colors, but there is a link between colors and gender, too.

Mycomiccharacterprofile said...

I also see genders in letters and numbers. However, there are some numbers and letters that are neutral for me, like the letter C and Z, and numbers 30 and 100. For me the #9 is a female.

Anonymous said...

I used to think I was the only person that thought this way. That is until out the blue my son said something about a letter being a boy. Mind you he was between 4-5 and had no idea that I associate letters and number with gender. This is amazing...I wonder what this means.

Thompson said...

I am so glad to see there are "others" with the same experience. However, this unscientific collection shows me that the gender and personality of numbers for each of us is different. I must confess, it would have been a bit mind-blowing if all of our number genders and personalities were identical! I won't list my number's personalities (it's a regular soap opera; far too long and sordid) but here are their genders:


Quick backstory--I always thought this was just a silly game I invented when I started elementary school to pass the time. Who knew...

hannah said...

Wow Im so happy im not the only one! my numbers genders..
1,3,6,7,8,9,10- male
2,4,5- female

b,c,d,e,f,g,i,j,l,o,t,z- male
a,h,k,m,n,p,q,r,s,u,v,w,x,y- female

HALEY said...

0 F (mother of 1)
1 F (married to 2)
2 M (married to 1)
3 F (daughter of 1&2)
4 M (son of 1&2)
5 M (wants to be with 6)
6 F (dating 7 but likes 5 secretly)
7 M (dating 6 and doesn't like 5)
8 F (older and dating 9 for a long time)
9 M (older and dating 8 for a long time)
10 F (mother of 9 and doesn't like 8)

Lyndsey said...

0-boy, 1-b, 2-girl, 3-g, 4-6 b, 7-g, 8-11 b, 12 changes (transgender?), 13-g, 14-16 b, 17- g, 18-19 b and from here it just kinda goes with the last number. My alphabet also has gender...

Lyndsey said...

1-boy, 2-3 girl, 4-6 b, 7 g, 8-11 b, 12 switches (transgender?), 13 g, 14-16 b, 17 g, 18-19 b, 20 switches, and from there it depends on the last number.
My alphabet also has gender.

jude patrick said...

i actually searched the internet to see if im the only one who has this 'condition' ive had this number-gender association ever since i was i a kid, anyways here is my set:
1= male
2= male
4= female
5= male
6= female
7= male
8= female
9= female
10= male
as with letters, only A,S,Y, and X are females, the rest are guys

Anonymous said...

The condition you have is called synesthesia. I have it also. Synesthesia is dual sensory condition in which one sense (numbers) occurs simultaneously with another sense (gender or personality). Kind of like crossed wires in the brain. Most forms of synesthesia involve seeing letters or numbers as certain colors, but there a few of us out there who see numbers as having gender and personalities. One might say we are the rarest of the rare. None of us are crazy. But my only question for you is are you guys bad at math, too? I am and I would love to blame it on my synesthesia.

LLyzabeth said...

I've always been fascinated by synesthesia, but never connected that with thinking numbers have gender. I've always thought they did, and I wish I'd thought to look it up before now, because seeing all the comments left here is just awesome. As is the fact that none of us agree 100% on what those genders are.

Now, I'm willing to give everybody the benefit of the doubt on 1, 2, 4 and 8...but 5 and 9 are CLEARLY middle-aged slightly dowdy and grumpy women. 6 is most definitely a young female who's dating 7, a young male, and 3 is male and wearing a top hat. I KNOW the number three doesn't in any way resemble a top hat, but he's wearing one. Looks kinda like Mr. Peanut.

I'm so glad I found this post :)

Carol said...

I found this blog searching for the latest research on gender and numbers. Check out a review (you have to pay for the actual research article)
J Exp Psychol Gen. 2011 Jul 18. [Epub ahead of print]
Are numbers gendered?
Wilkie JE, Bodenhausen GV.
We examined the possibility that nonsocial, highly generic concepts are gendered. Specifically, we investigated the gender connotations of Arabic numerals. Across several experiments, we show that the number 1 and other odd numbers are associated with masculinity, whereas the number 2 and other even numbers are associated with femininity, in ways that influence judgments of stimuli arbitrarily paired with numerical cues; specifically, babies' faces and foreign names were more likely to be judged as "male" when paired with odd versus even numbers. The power of logically irrelevant numerical stimuli to connote masculinity or femininity reflects the pervasiveness of gender as a social scaffolding for generating understandings of abstract concepts. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2011 APA, all rights reserved).

Lauren said...

1,4 and 7 all female, and 0,2,3,5,6,8,9 are all male. i also think of the alphabet in male or female terms:


the funny thing is i have been thinking like this for as long as i can remember. and when i told my husband about this, he gave me a funny look, patted me on the head and told me that i was special!

Lauren said...

am i the only one who thins "1" is a girl?

Leann said...

I was just thinking about this and wondering if anyone else did the same thing so I googled it and found your blog. For as long as I can remember 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are girls and 2, 3, 5, and 9 are boys. I have no rhyme or reason as to which are associated to which gender. I have the same thing for letters.

Katie said...

For me, numbers have always looked like this:

1-male/green/2&3's father

2-female/orange or pink/daughter of 1

3-male/yellow/2's older brother

4-male/blue/3's best bud

5-female/red with white polka-dots/4's older sister/has crush on 6

6-male/green/best friends with 7&8/has crush on 9

7-male/orange/best friends with 6&8/also has crush on 9

8-male/navy blue/best friends with 6&7/9's younger brother

9-female/purple/8's older sister/about 20 years old

0-male/pink/loner :( poor zero

Anonymous said...

2&5 are female.1346789 are male.
abcdgjpqsuv are female.
efhiklmnortwxyz are male.
Glad I'm not the only one!

Doug said...

Just so you know, you're not insane. Here's how it works for me:
1 is a boy
2 is a boy
3 is a boy
4 is a girl
5 is a boy
6 is a girl
7 is a girl
8 is a girl
9 is a girl

Molly said...

No no no...you guys are all wrong. It should be obvious:

0,1,3,4,5,7 are males
2,6,8,9 are girls

a,e,f,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,t,v,w,x,y,z are boys
b,c,d,g,o,p,q,r,s,u are girls

Of course each has its own personality.

Now tastes don't have color or specific sound, but everybody knows spicy foods are definitely loud whereas tart or sour foods can be bright.

: )

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to see other's perception. My mother told me that as a small child I asked her "what color is Tampa?" She thought I had run out of things to say. That prompted the conversation about the gender and personalities of numbers and letters. She thought I assigned them their gender and I explained that it just was always that way.
1,4,6,7,8,9,0 are boys (4 is a little boy)

2,3,5, are girls (two is bossy and 5 is masculine)

a,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,l,o,p,t,u,v,y are male
but q is confusing. The lower case is male but the upper case is ambiguous unless in cursive, then its a girl.

Anonymous said...

1= male
2= male
3= male
4= female
5= male
6= female
7= female
8= male
9= female



Anonymous said...

1 - male
2 - female
3 - male
4 - male...maybe gay. definitely effeminate
5 - male
6 - female
7 - male
8 - female
9 - female...very masculine. very big

annie said...

Not only numbers. But when I was young, I remember that I assign not only genders but also personalities. Like A has a somewhat bitchy personality and A hates H. And that I is a very kind letter. So on.
1 is a female for me as well as 2. 2 hates 1 because 1 and 3 are lovers.

Alexis said...

YES!!!! All my friends think im crazy haha i also do this with letters, silverware, and colors. For the numbers they also have backstorys and relationships, well here they are:
0- Male, young and kinda odd and has no friends
1-Strong young male who is very handsome and married to 2, black hair
2-Strong female and is very pretty, married to 2 and blond
3-Weak male with little friends and in 20's, bullied a lot and is in love with 5
4-Nerdy female who is kinda lonely with many cats, has a crush on 7
5-Tomboy female with red hair, dating 6 and is a young adult/teen
6-Weakis male who does anything for 5, intimidated by 7
7-Young male who is a player. Likes 9 and is constantly flirting with her. Has black hair, kinda jerkish
8-Weak male who loves 9 but is lonely, teased a lot
9-Very pretty female and flirts with 7
10-Middle aged man, 9's father and does not like her flirting with 7
I feel soooooo crazy writing this!!!!!!!! Also spoon is a girl, fork is a boy and they are dating while a knife is forks wingman hahaha
When i see other people's number genders that arent mine i strongly disagree haha! Im dying to find someone who feels the same way about my genders but all my friends think im crazy -_- Anyway here is my letters (there is too many so i will just write gender and relationships with other letters, i wont bore you with their backstorys :P)
A-Strong Girly Female, dating B
B-Handsome MAle, dating A
C- Tomboy and dating D, loves baseball
D-Normal looking guy, dating C
E-Lonely boy that is sometimes a girl for some reason >.<
F-Male with brown hair
G-Male that is a player, always flirting with H and K
H-Pretty, smart girl who is in college
I-Nerdy boy
J-Handsome male who is G's buddy, has a crush on K
K-Very pretty female who kinda likes J
L-Nerdy boy, I's friend and M and N's brother
M-Kinda chubby girl, N's twin sister
N-Skinny, smart girl and twins with M
O-Special needs young boy
P-O's helper, male and obnoxious
Q-Female and very proper
R-A bad boy, likes S
S-Tomboy female, kinda likes R and is a bad girl
T-Average male, S's brother
U-Crazy kinda odd girl, obsessed with T
V-Female and in 30's, pretty
W-Nerdy girl, sisters with X
X-W's pretty sister
Y-Pretty female and dating Z
Z-Male, very handsome and dating Y
Well thats my crazy list hahaha, its nice to find people like me that feel the same :D

Anonymous said...

I was just watching something on tv about synesthesia and remembered that when I was kid (under 9) I used to assign gender, age, and relationship to numbers and letters but mostly numbers. So i decided to google and see if there were anymore like me. I don't remember them all but 1 3 4 5 were male and 2 7 8 9 were female. Can't really recall 6 or 0. I remember 7 being attractive but sly.

Amazing how this thread is years old!

Anonymous said...

Wow im sooo glad im not the only one!!! I have the numbers AND letters grouped as girls and boys!!!
1= boy, 2= girl, 3= boy, 4= boy, 5= girl, 6= girl, 7=boy, 8= boy, 9= girl

Maddie said...

1-m (Father of 2)
2-f (is in a relationship with 3)
4-f (is in a relationship with 5)
6-m (Likes everyone)
7-m (Really manly)
8-m (Doesn't like 9, but gets dotes on 2 and 3)
9-f (Gets along with 7, but is usually angry)
10-m (Really old)

My days of the week and months also have genders. When I was little, I used to make up stories with numbers/days/months as the characters.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like many here I'm glad I'm not alone! Big relief!!
My numbers are as follows:

Male: 0,1,3,4,5,7,8
Female: 2,6,9 and 10, I view her as the momma...lol

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog as I was looking this up. I have color - letter/number associations (grapheme → color synesthesia) and I also have strong gender associations with both numbers and letters. Mine are: 1,3,4,5,6,9,10 are boys and 2,7,8 are girls. I don't know why there are more boys than girls!

Nursky said...

I can't believe it i am 14 and i am only person i know who associates letters and number with gender. what is it called ?
1 f a f
2 m b m
3 m c m
4 f d m
5 m e m
6 f f f
7 f g m (kinda girly)
8 m h f (mean to g though)
9 f i f
10 m j m .my letters are half and half on genders.

Soph said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I always thought of numbers as genders and in relationships with each other? I didn't really think of it as being weird.. until recently when I heard about the thing where you see words in colors? That made me think instantly about my number gender thing. I only told one person once, I assumed other people thought the same way! Haha I'm just glad I'm not crazy.

For me,
1: boy, admires two, best friends with nine and five.

2: girl, loves three, daughter of nine and ten. sister of eight, close with four.

3: boy, shy loves two, son of nine.

4: girl, mother of two and eight, married to five, ex-husband is nine, step-mother of six.

5: boy, married to four, father of six, friends with one.

6: sporty girl, my favorite, in love with seven, annoyed by eight, close with nine and three.

7: boy; in love with six, friends with nine and four and rejects eight (lol).

8: girl; daughter of nine and four, jealous of six, dislikes mother four, and is in love with 7.

9: boy; father of two and eight, exhusband of four.

10: girl, best and nicest of all. wife of nine, mother of two, and nice to everyone.

...I never knew how complicated or how weird it kind of it now that I wrote it out.

Jaime said...

Ah finally...other synesthetes.

I have a question, since most people have listed numbers 0 - 9. How does it work for you with the double digit, triple digit and higher order numbers? Does the gender assignment stop at 9, are larger numbers simply a combination in your mind of the single digits, or are numbers beyond 9 their own individual entities?

For me, they are their own individual entities, not simply a combination of the genders of each single digit.

Anyway, here's my take on the matter:

1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 - boys
2 - girl
8 - mostly girl but sometimes boy.

multiple digits:
10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 - boys
11, 12, 20, 22 - girls
28 - mostly boy but sometimes girl

A, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, K, O, R, S, T, V, X, Y, Z - boys
B, H, L, M, N, P, U, W - girls
Q - both genders

Days of the week:
Monday and Wednesday are girls.
The rest of them are boys.

Months of the year:
Jan - boy
Feb - girl
Mar - mostly boy but sometimes girl
Apr - girl
May - girl
Jun - boy
Jul - mostly boy but sometimes girl
Aug - boy
Sept - boy
Oct - boy
Nov - girl
Dec - boy

Some of my letters and numbers have personalities, but not very distinct personalities and no physical characteristics. Certain letters may exhibit maturity, social status and level of care one takes for another. U is a very interesting girl in my opinion, and she is the only one with a truly distinguishable "personality" that I can actually place my finger on.

leslie said...

I do this as well...numbers and letters of the alphabet have genders in my mind. And so do utensils.

bunnytrouble said...

I associate numbers with genders and personalities.
example: 3= female,yellow, weak and shy
4= female,pink, fun girly and perfect
5= female, red and jealous
6= male, blue, boyish and cute
7= male, green, friendly, cool
8=male, purple, loves sports
9= male, black, toughguy

Wow it sounds soo crazy now that Ive written my thoughts down.

Crystal said...

I remember thinking about this in first grade. It was very apparent to me, but I also knew it wasn't normal. xD

Anyway! I believe 1, 2, and 3 are female, 4's male, 5's female, 6 is male, 7 is female, and 8, 9, and 10 are male. And then it continues on, so every number that ends with 1 is female, every number that ends with 2 is female, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am 12 and have done this my whole life. I just figured out it wasn't noRmal when I asked my friend if her numbers have colors and she looked at me like I was crazy, though when I asked my other 2 friends they said theirs did. Objects, months, shapes, days, colors, and basically everything have genders for me. I'll tell you my numbers and letters:

0- boy
1- boy
2- girl
3- boy
4- girl
5- boy
6- girl
7- girl
8- boy
9- girl
10- boy
It mostly goes on like this, but there are some exceptions like 20 and 25 who are both girls, but it would take too long to say all of them. B=boy g= girl
A- g
B- b
C- g
D- b
E- b
F- b
G- b
H- g
I- b
J- b
K- g
The number, letters, etc. Also have personalities, for example:6 and 7 completely hate eachother, so I always feel bad when I add them together. Also, Friday hates Saturday, yet Saturday just wants to be friends with Friday. Ps: Friday and Saturday are my only boy days of the week. I could ramble on and on about their personalities but I won't.


Anonymous said...

I meant GENDERS in the one before this! I was thinking colors!

Anonymous said...

I realized when I was 30 I was a minority(while at work) I mentioned something about 4 being a girl and the room fell silent and everyone looked at me very confused. I just dropped it.

I saw a show around 2006 regarding a condition about people tasting colors and music. So, it prompted me to write the Doctor that was high lighted on that show, he did reply and say that I had a variation of the condition Synthesism (sp?) but he called it something different.

I think because he did reply and diagnosed me with something I just wanted to deny it and I never researched it. I recently was talking to my Boyfriend about this(he has many querks himself, so I felt safe LOL!) We just got home from dinner where we were discussing this and we wanted to research it and I found this site!! I truly didn't realize how many people have this condition or whatever it's classified as :-)

1 - English Older Man who wears a bowler hat
2 - She is an older Female (a mother figure)
3 - is a young male (little boy)
4 - is a rowdy teenage female
5 - is a male (Father figure)
6 - is a male but is a bit lady like (you label that)
7 - is a middle age man
8 - is a male in his early 30s'ish
9 - is a male and his early 20s
10 - is a party animal male

Anonymous said...

0,1,4,5,9,10 are male
2,3,6,7,8 are female
6 & 7 are best friends
5 is young and cocky
8 is beautiful and like a model
1 is responsible
Green and blue are best friends. I can go on and on...

Elyssa Angelica Choy said...

I just searched for this and thank god that I am not the only one who see numbers/alphabets that way! :)

But my question is,why do we see numbers/alphabets in gender form?

Haute Skinny Latte said...

I can't believe I found this! I have OLP synesthesia too!
For me:

1- male
2- female
3- not sure
4- female
5- male
6- not sure
7- female
8- male
9- could be both
10- male

Sunday - male
Monday - male
Tuesday - male
Wednesday - female
Thursday - male
Friday - male
Saturday - female

(They're all female except for August, October and December!)

Letters too, but it would take forever!

Anonymous said...

For me, 1,2, and 3 are children and basically gender-neutral, while 4, 7 and 9 are female. 5, 6, 8, and 10 are all very masculine. 6 is a teenager, while 10 is a father/god-like figure.
I don't think this is crazy or synesthesia, I think some children just learn to think about numbers in a certain way growing up and remember this as adults.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I must agree with your daughter! 9 is definitely a girl!
0: male
1: male
2: female
3: male
4: male
5: female
6: female
7: male
8: male
9: female.
I do the same with letters. a, c, e, f, k, m, n, q, r, s, and v are all females, the rest of the alphabet are males.

Anonymous said...

I've only just looked into this now because I've always seen numbers as well as letters being an assigned gender.
For me, it's the following:
0 - male
1 - male
2 - male
3 - male
4 - female
5 - female
6 - female
7 - male
8 - female

- - - -

a - male
b - female
c - female
d - male
e - female
f - female
g - female
h - male
i - male
j - male
k - female
l - male
m - female
n - male
o - male
p - female
q - female
r - female
s - female
t - male
u - male
v - male
w - female
x - male
y - female
z - male

Does anyone know whether there is a specific name for this whole "number/letter gender" thing ?
9 - female

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!
I am so glad that so many other people can see this!
With my one, i ALWAYS have the same idea, ask me one year and the next year and the answers will all be the same!
Here are mine:
1= Female
2= Male
3= Male
4= Male
5= Male
6= Female
7= Female
8= Male
9= Male
10= Female
11= Female
12= Male
13= Tomboy
Lol, not sure why but yeh haha!

Anonymous said...

1, 3, 4, 5, 7 are male. 2, 6, 8, 9 are female. No idea about 0.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god this is so funny because ever since i was very little i put numbers and letters with genders

0 1 3 and 8 are female and 2 4 5 6 7 and 9 are male
A B D E F I J L R T V W X Y Z are male and C G H K M N O P Q S U are female and M is a controlling bitch haha

Unknown said...

Can I link you to a piece of psychological research: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21767039, which shows that odd numbers are perceived to be 'masculine' and even numbers are perceived to be 'feminine'!

Tom said...

1-Female, Lovely female
2-Male/Female, mostly male though.
3-Male, Fat/chubby male
4-Female, a hot female
5-Male, Frat College Male
6-Male/Female, Feminine guy/tomboy girl
7-Female, Popular girl in school
8-Male, Popular male in school
9-Male, A bully
10- This one was hard to tell because there is an 1 and a 0. I would say is a nonexistent gender.

MadiMahoney said...

0- Female (Mother of 1)
1- Male (Strong bond with 2)
2- Female (Annoyed by 3)
3- Male (Tries to fit in with 1 & 2)
4- Male (Looks up to 8)
5- Female (Daughter of 10)
6- Male (Best friends with 7)
7- Male (Close with 6 & 8)
8- Male (Follows around 9)
9- Male (Bully of the group)
10- Male (Leader)

dave L said...

My numbers are both male/female and strong/weak:
1: moderately strong male
2:weak male
3: moderate/weak female
4: stronger (probably older) female
5: strong (but young) male
6: feminine female
7: same as 1, but probably older
8: same as 6, but older
9: much older, strong female

dave L said...

I can also tell you the gender of the alphabet. email me about this if you wish

dave L said...

a comment just reminded me of this:
fork = male
spoon = female
knife = male

dave L said...

Another one: a dog is a boy, and a cat is a girl...

dave L said...

I'm looking around the room now:
curtains = female
wall = male
tv = male
desk = male
lamp = female

man, this never stops!

Anonymous said...

Well, you can add me to the list of people who found this article because they were looking for some back-up after being called "crazy." Thank you thank you thank you!

Gena said...

My daughter, who is 20, now assigns a gender to numbers the way others just look at a painting and know it's a painting without any thought about it. She did know this was unique and didn't tell me until she was about 16. I guess she thought I would think she was nuts or crazy or lying. But I didn't and I don't. There is nothing in her perception that involves color. But - she also assigns numbers to people. For example, I am a 43. And again, she doesn't this without any thought - she just knows what your number is immediately. Also, she admits some numbers have both male and female characteristics.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

0 is a boy
1 is a boy
2 is a boy
3 is a girl
4 is a boy
5 is a boy
6 is a girl
7 is a boy
8 is a girl
9 is a boy

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

It's called Synaesthesia when you associate things to gender, colors, notes etc. I figured everyone did the same thing so never really talked about it. Then I was reading a neurology book and it mentioned this condition. Pretty amazing how our brains come up with things!! Oh and 1,3,5,8, and 9 are male and 2,4,6, and 7 are female along with months are colors for me :)

Anonymous said...

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