31 January 2007

Less shouting out when they're off the hook

A couple of random thoughts here.

I was loading the washer just now and realized that I don't use stain remover as often as I once did. Typically I was using it on a per load basis. I suspect this could mean only one thing... my babies are growing up.

On the note of them growing up, last night I was checking out the new music on itunes and came across Prince. My two oldest (11 & 9) were sitting with me and I started singing along to some of my Prince favorites when my oldest asked, "When you were in school was Prince off the hook?" Another speechless moment for this old mom.


Anonymous said...

That's not as bad as googling "off the hook" because you've never even heard the expression before!

Signed, the Awesome Wisconsin Friend who told your Awesome Canadian Friend about Story People. LOL

TeeKay said...

BOL! That makes my day.

Karen did later ICQ me to tell me that you had posted the site on e-group, which is where she came across. I was only too lazy to change the post. I love their stuff.

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St. Augustine

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