01 February 2007

Mr. Mad Man bring me a dream

Is there such thing as a normal dream? I'm sure I never have them, my dreams are always so bizarre. Take for instance the latest dream installment.

It starts out with me getting completely drunk with some friends and then leaving my car somewhere, that I later cannot recall (no this has never happened to me), so that we can fly to Myrtle Beach. My entire family will be meeting me in Myrtle Beach eventually (we actually all went there together once). While I'm waiting for the family to arrive I realize a very good male friend of mine is staying in the house we'll be staying in. What the heck, he and I have sex while I'm waiting. That was the best part of the dream until, I realize he has plenty of other women there and he's fulfilling his obligation to humanitarian efforts by keeping all the women in the house happy.

It seems that at some point there was water and a boat involved which always seems to be a reoccurring theme in my whacked-out dreams.

Next thing I can recall is that we're packing to return home and I'm in a panic because once we return home I can't remember where I've left my car.

Once we return home my daughters and I are in a car and my 11 year old is driving (scariest part of dream). We stop at the aforementioned "very good male friend's" house because apparently he has returned at the same time. My 9 year old goes to his door to retrieve something he apparently had that belonged to us, and in the meantime my 11 year old decides to drive away. She figures her younger sister can find her own way home on foot! We return home because it seems I don't have the ability to overtake my 11 year old and stop the vehicle. Once we return home I realize it's cold and rainy and that I must quickly go get my 9 year old. So I of course leave her sisters home and go to find her. I find her walking down the middle of a road, wet and cold. About this time her sisters and all our luggage suddenly show up and I now remember I don't have a car because I can't remember where I left it in my drunken stupor. So the dream ends with the 4 of us walking home in the cold and rain with all of our luggage in tow.

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